Dana Marton

5725810ae7a0ffbe1a424210.L._V192274253_As a writer (locked in your home, a lot of times still in your PJ’s) you become dependent on chatting with other’s in your profession.

Over the last year I’ve grown fond of several of my co-authors from the Dangerous Attraction group, but there is one person whom I met first. She was the one who actually came up with the crazy idea of a boxed set.

Dana was a friendly voice after I’d been scolded for reaching out in a rather unconventional fashion. She’s been there for me when I’ve had questions or just one of my freak out sessions. I can’t wait to finally meet her face to face next month and give her a big hug and enjoy some bubbly together.

Thank you so much Dana

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9 Crazy Leading Ladies of Dangerous Attraction

BoxedSetPageThe 9 crazy ladies I’ve been working with on this boxed set are wonderful. I can’t tell you how hard each of them has worked in the past several months to make this dream a reality for all of us. Hours of meetings, making hard decisions, and not to mention coming up with some really fantastic books. Everyone in this boxed set has earned her spot and I can’t wait to hit New York Times with them and celebrate.

I can’t wait to personally meet everyone of these wonderful authors and look forward to working with them in the future. If you haven’t stopped by yet, grab your copy of Dangerous Attraction.  10 Romantic Suspense books for just 99¢! http://amzn.to/17B22XO

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Chantelle Cunningham

photoI can’t thank Chantelle enough. Not only is she the beta reader every author wishes for, she has also helped me immensely with editing. Her insights into the story details are invaluable. Thanks Chantelle for all your help and for leaving wonderful reviews.


Beta Reader – Laurie

Laurie Freezing on remote shoot

Thank you Laurie for being a wonderful beta reader.  Laurie has helped me out by being very thorough in highlighting any plot holes, spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.  I don’t know where I would be without good beta readers… Thank you!

Here is a little about her… 

I live in a small log home on 11 acres of paradise.  I worked as a TV news photojournalist in for 20 years.  I love dogs and horses.  German shepherds are my weakness.  My boyfriend, of 29 years, and I have be the parents of 7 German shepherds over the years and 2 horses.  Some of our dogs have been adopted….we never breed….too many unwanted dogs in the world.)  My hobbies are German shepherd dogs, swimming, scuba diving, horseback riding, movies and of course reading.
I just started beta reading this year and I love it.  I hope that the feedback that I provide to the writers I’m reading for helps them in some way.  I feel privileged that writers trust me to read their work and offer my critiques and ideas before they publish the book.
In the past all I read were action and mystery books.  Like many people I started reading Adult contemporary romance books when there was all of the fuss over The Fifty Shades of Gray series.  Although, I don’t like any kind of BDSM…even mild.  But I found that I do like sexy, steamy contemporary romance novels…and I’ve been reading them ever since.
Once I begin reading a good book I can’t put it down, even if that means staying up all night to finish it!

Other Great Heroes


Here’s to the heroes in my life. People who’ve either been there for me or helped me in one way or another.

These wonderful people didn’t ask for anything in return, they didn’t do their deeds for profit, or personal gain.

Some I’ve linked to their sites, so stop by and learn more about these truly awesome people.

Thanks for all your help and support.

L. Darby Gibbs
Roberta Capizzi
Ellen Harger
Adi Drai
Syeda Shawkat
Amy Queau
Beth Rinyu
Diane Robson
Lisa Survillas

Thanks to my awesome Beta Readers for my new series, Secret Series.

My Editor – Erica Ellis

2012-03-11_17-01-20_363Erica Ellis has been a huge help in correcting my less than perfect grammar. I’m a speed typist and it’s been years since I thought about typing anything other than code. So, when I started writing books I needed a lot of help with corrections. Erica came to my rescue. Thank goodness!

I’m happy to say that I’ve hired her to help me out with each of my books. If you’re an author and looking for an editor, let me just say, shop no further.

Here is a link to her page. Go, check it out and see what a truly awesome person is like.


Donna McBroom-Theriot


Donna McBroom-Theriot has been an enormous help in the editing of my latest book, Returning Pride. I can’t say enough about how important people like her are. They help others out without asking for anything in return. I’ve included a link to her blog, so stop by sometime!
Thanks Donna!


My Family


I just love this pimpin’ photo of my family (circa ’79). You’ve all been very supportive and I can’t thank you enough! I never knew the meaning of loneliness growing up. (Can you tell which one I am? Leave a response with your guess.)

My wonderful mom, whom I miss everyday, was always there to encourage all of us (Not such an easy task for a family of nine).

My funny dad showed me the exciting world of Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones, opening new doors to my imagination.

My brother-in-law Wayne, sister-in-law Debbie, and niece Julianne have been full of encouragement and always eager to spread the word of my books.

My awesome husband and super-powered boys always have my back. I simply couldn’t live without their love & support.

I would be remiss not to mention my brother Danny, who helped me immensely by beta reading and editing my first books. You’re awesome bro!

Thank you all so very much! You mean the world to me.

Anne Conley


I’ve only met Anne recently, however feel that our friendship is growing fast. She’s the first author friend I’m putting on my Heroes List.

Anne has helped me beta read and fix small editing issues and helped with a few details that she’s an expert in. I’m very happy that we live close enough to allow us to sit down face to face. I look forward to continue building a wonderful friendship.

Check out Anne online at:  http://anneconley.wix.com/anneconleyauthor


lynnMy good friend Lynn has not only beta read all of my books, she’s given valuable input from the beginning of my author journey. She’s provided amazing insight into the strange and weird world of marketing, which has helped tremendously with my books.

She’s been a great help providing book reviews and feedback for my blog, but most of all she’s has been a very dear and supportive friend.  I appreciate your encouragement.

Thank you Lynn. You rock!


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