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Return To Me is only 99¢ until July 27th!

“A heartwarming yet spicy romance … that keeps the pages turning. Readers will be drawn into the lives of these wonderfully drawn characters and their journey to finding love.” — RT Book Reviews on Return To Me








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For the entire month of July, each book in the Secret Series is only $1.99! Grab this bestselling series while the sale lasts.

Twists and turns make this series enjoyable and the suspense kept it interesting. The Secret Series is a must read if you want more than just a simple love story.

Secret Seduction


Secret Pleasure

Secret Guardian


Secret Passions


Secret Identity


Secret Sauce


Four bestsellers for only $1.99 each! 

Grab these four bestsellers for only $1.99 each!
New York Times bestselling author Jill Sanders strikes gold with a sizzling series about oil-rich playboys whose hearts are up for grabs & the Lucky Series – In love, everyone deserves to get a little lucky…


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The West Series 1-3

Get all three books in the West Series for only $9.99

Loving Lauren:
Lauren had been raised to not be afraid of anything, and she lived by that code, that is until her dad died and left everything in her hands. Now she’s not only in charge of her two younger sisters, but she’s running a full-blown Texas ranch. Caring for a thousand‑acre ranch has its ups and downs, physically, mentally, and financially. All she is looking for is a little break. What she doesn’t have time for is someone who will only complicate her life further.

Chase is back in his hometown. Helping his dad with his veterinary practice is high on his list. So is being with the lovely Lauren West. Years ago, he found a unique way to bind them together. Now all he has to do is prove to her that he’s the right man to spend the rest of her life with.

Taming Alex:
Alexis has always been the wild child. She’s the girl everyone always gossips about behind her back. Now that she’s engaged to the town’s bad boy, Travis, she finally thinks she’s heading in the right direction. Then life throws a tall, dark, and good man her way and causes her whole world to shake.

Grant’s back in town. Helping his father with his legal practice had never been in his plan. But after trying to live in the city and deciding it wasn’t for him, he wants nothing more than to settle back down in his hometown. He even buys a small farm to prove to himself that he’s back to stay. After stepping in and helping the town’s bad girl out one night, he starts to see beneath Alexis’ act. Now all he needs to do is convince her that choosing a good guy is not always a bad thing.

Holding Haley:
Haley has waited her whole life for Wes. They were secret sweethearts all throughout school until he shocks her by joining the military right after graduation. Heartbroken, Haley must wait until the day he comes home. But it’s been five long years, and she has finally decided to move on with her life. That is, until he walks back into town, sexier than ever.

Wes has had one thing on his mind since leaving town—getting back to Haley. His experiences overseas have made him realize what he almost let slip through his fingers. All he wants now is to prove to her that waiting for him was the right choice.

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NEW Pre-Order Available for Holding On (Book 3 – Haven, Montana)

Trey McGowan is no stranger to the inside of a jail cell, but this time it really wasn’t his fault. Well… maybe a little. What’s worse is the gorgeous hottie he was defending didn’t even notice. But make no mistake, the jerk she was with, really had it coming. Now, she has the nerve to show up here… in his office… looking for work! And not just for her! She wants him to hire the a-hole who was pushing her around, too. Hell, let’s be clear, if you’d seen the legs on this one, you’d be tempted to consider it as well, just to keep her around.

Dylan has had a run of bad luck. After losing both parents to a tragic accident, she was left in the unfortunate care of older brother, Brent, who hasn’t exactly been a model parent. Well, I guess he started off okay, but in the last few years it’s been more like, she’s the one babysitting him. Now, he’s drug her to Haven, Montana in a last-ditch effort to find work. To make matters worse, he just punched Trey McGowan! One of the only men in town who could guarantee work for both of them. This may require a little persuasion.


Amazon Deal of the Day – Closer to You

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Kindle Fire Giveaway

I’ve joined forces with over 46 authors to celebrate my 46th book release on my 46th birthday! I’ve gathered more than 50 ebooks to fill a Kindle Fire for the ultimate giveaway along with some other great prizes include gift cards, signed books, swag & audiobooks. This chance only comes around once, so better hurry and enter to win.

Don’t forget to join the FB party on April 7th for more giveaways from some amazing authors who will be visiting all day long.

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Someday Beach Sale 99¢ (March 7-14 ONLY)

March 7 – 14 ONLY

For one week this month, Someday Beach will be only 99¢.  Make sure to mark your calendars and grab it while the sale lasts.

There is nothing like a sweeping beach story! Those Grayton boys are too hot to handle so you will need a large glass of wine and quiet place to curl up and enjoy this sweet book.


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