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The pre-sale links are now availble for book 2 and 3 in my new Entangled Paranormal Series.

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I am celebrating the release of my new book, WHERE I BELONG, which is set in Marina Adair’s St. Helena Vineyard’s Kindle World! Below you’ll find a sneak peek of my book and way to enter to #WIN
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Now for a sneak peek of WHERE I BELONG …

¸.•*(¸.•*´♥ WHERE I BELONG ♥`*•.¸)`*•.
Just when she was debating pulling herself back up, strong hands wrapped around her waist and hoisted her down.
Instantly, she closed her eyes and sighed.
“Going somewhere, hellcat?” His voice sounded even sexier when there was a hint of laughter.
She felt him bring her body up against his and instantly felt heat spread throughout her system. Damn, she thought. I really need a man.
His hands stayed on her waist, holding her against his chest.
“I thought we had a deal?” he said when she didn’t reply.
“You thought wrong.” She turned on him.

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Cover Reveal for Where I Belong


I’m happy to reveal the cover for my Novella, Where I Belong.

Life it seems is hell-bent on crushing Eva Chapman. Starting with the tragic loss of her brother, for which she is solely to blame, to the unfortunate turn of events that have landed her where she is now; on her knees, hiding behind the counter at a hole-in-the-wall bookstore, in wine-country of all places, with local police in hot pursuit. This was not the life she’d imagined for herself. And no amount of imagination or self-destructive behavior could ease this pain. Running is all she has now.

Fresh out grad-school, psych-degree in hand, and here he is manning the local coffee-shop/bookstore in his hometown of St. Helena. Rafe had never felt more a-drift and confused. The truth is, he’d never really thought this far ahead, and until sis returns from her post-2nd-divorce-meltdown-vacation this will have to do, that is, if he can survive the boredom. He did kind of enjoy the relaxing tourist vibe and routine flux of interesting local eccentrics in and out the shop every day, but it was the gorgeous hot mess that just dove over his counter that really caught his attention.

For more info on how you can get your hands on this novella, follow the party at

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Today we uncork eighteen new covers for the upcoming books in the St. Helena Vineyard Kindle World. Come and JOIN in the fun! There will be a ton of prizes and a ton of fun.


Check out this lineup of authors! (times are Eastern)
4:30 Marina Adair
4:45 Jen Doyle, Ink
5:00 Kelly Moran
5:15 Mollie Cox Bryan
5:30 Reina Torres
5:45 Lori Mack
6:00 Kelsey Browning
6:15 Donna Alward
6:30 MK Meredith
6:45 Grace Conley
7:00 Deb McNaught
7:15 Kate Allure – Sizzling Romance
7:30 Tara Cromer
7:45 Pamela Gibson
8:00 Stephanie St. Klaire
8:15 Jill Sanders
8:30 KT Roberts
8:45 Cary Hart
9:00 Sharon Hamilton

Who’s missing the beach?

Has fall already gotten you down? Missing the beach reads already? Get this bestselling book for only 99¢!

Jill Sanders: Path to writing – By Essie Reynolds

Jill_SandersJill Sanders is a New York Times bestselling author now, but she didn’t always know that becoming a writer was in her future. On an average day, Jill (while still in her PJ’s) gets to live the dream. She works from home, oftentimes with a beautiful ocean view and crisp glass of wine on hand. Sounds great right? Idyllic?

Getting to this point has taken hard work and dedication, and a lot of detours along the way. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Jill struggled from an early age to fit in with her peers. She stood out, quite literally. She was a taller than an average kid at school thanks to her Scandinavian background, and on the shorter side at home. As one of seven kids, (no that’s not a typo), that’s significant. Until her last year in high school, Jill believed she was dumb. She has dyslexia and ADHD, not a common diagnosis back then. Suffering from test anxiety and struggling to focus in class got her placed in a “Special Ed” class, and subsequently bullied. Jill wasn’t able to escape the stigma of her learning disabilities until she moved away from her hometown after high school. Sitting still in class was near impossible. Jill’s mind would wander elsewhere, busy day-dreaming about all of the stories she wanted to bring to life. (And aren’t we happy she has finally embraced this?) Teacher after teacher eluded that school wasn’t something she would ever be good at since she lacked the discipline and will power to focus in class.

When you think about an author, what do you assume? A lifelong love of the written word? Wrong. Special Ed class had headsets to accompany books, so she experienced more being read to than reading for herself. Jill didn’t read her first book from cover to cover until she was 15, and what a great feeling that was to experience a book without those headsets squawking in her ears. What did Jill want to be when she grew up? One of her dreams was to become a wonderful wife and mother someday. She didn’t give much thought to other dreams, believing she wouldn’t be capable. Then finally, she had a few teachers realize she had a ton of untapped potential who encouraged her to expand her dreams to include additional aspirations.

Jill has lived across the country with her husband, two sons, and beloved pets. She has enjoyed exciting and varied careers prior to realizing her childhood dream of becoming an author. Life is truly a journey, so hang on and enjoy the ride. Most importantly, no matter what, never give up on your dreams.


Written by Essie Reynolds

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Join my newsletter and get a FREE copy of Serving Pride, the prequel to my bestselling Pride Series romance novels.

Your E-mail:
Your email will never be shared, and I promise not to clutter your inbox.