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Robert Brogan was destined to be sheriff in the small town of Pride, Oregon. He moved to Pride when he was eight after his mother’s mysterious disappearance. Always following the rules and sticking up for the weak, he had only one thing in mind after graduation—tracking down his mother. But after almost ten years of looking with no luck, he makes his way back to his hometown. When tragedy strikes, he’s given the opportunity of a lifetime. Being sheriff in the small town of Pride gives him the chance to pursue the girl he just can’t keep his mind off.

Amelia Blake can never forget the boy that saved her from certain danger ten years ago. When she comes home after her father’s death, she only plans on a short visit, but her mother’s failing health and her feelings for Robert persuade her to move back home. When sparks fly, she can’t help finding herself falling fast for the new sheriff.

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About Jill Sanders

Hi, I'm Jill. I write romance. Hot, steamy, sweaty, romance... Well, not always... That's just fun to say! More often it's a nice mix of soft, sweet contemporary romance with a hint of suspense.


  1. Love your books, I’m on my Kindle and not sure how to get the free, serving Pride. Read one, starting on book two, this would be great to add to my collection. I’m sure I’ll buy three as well lol. Great Story. Can you explain how I can get the book please.TY Elaine

    • Jill Sanders says:

      Hi Elaine,

      I just confirmed that you are already signed up to receive a copy once it’s ready. The instructions on how to download it will come to your email address, once it’s available. Thanks!

      • Thank you so much. Just finished book three, lol yes I do enjoy this series. I just bought, Lasting Pride. You are a great story teller. Since I enjoy art, I love book Three. Sincerely, Elaine~

  2. Brenda Smith says:

    can’t get web site to accept my email

    • Jill Sanders says:

      Hi Brenda, I’ve added you manually. I’ve emailed you the instructions to download your copy. Thanks!

  3. Love your books, but having trouble down loading serving pride

  4. I don’t have a web site I donot think . I am new at this .i have an IPad.still learning how to wee it. You are becoming one of my favorite writers .I just recently started reading a lot of your Pride stories red the saving Pried sample want to read more of the story.

  5. Have read all Pride books and have started Secret series, signed up for your newsletter but haven’t figured out how to receive The free download of the Pride Novella. Thanks, love your books and characters, also love how they flow between the stories

  6. Margot Larson says:

    I have enjoyed the first two Pride books. I was looking forward to the free download of Serving Pride, but I was unable to locate the download on my iPad.

  7. Suzie chapman says:

    Love the books read first 3 in last week. I signed up for free download on serving pride but don’t see how to download to my kindle. Can’t wait o read it. Thanks for your help in getting to me

  8. Beverly Purcell says:

    I really enjoyed my 1st venture with the Pride series. I attempted to do the email subscription but the link does not work from my I-pad. Please send me a link if this Serving Pride offer is still available. You write compelling characters. Thank you for sharing your work.

  9. I can’t figure out how to get the download on my kindle. I really enjoyed the first on my kindle

  10. HI Jill can’t get your web site to accept my e-mail address. Love your books just finished finding pride

  11. I subscribed, but never got Serving Pride.

  12. Love your books I’m hooked I’m trying to get on your newsletter list and can’t I can’t wait for the next book

  13. So far I have read the Pride series working on Serving Pride now. You are definitely one of my favorite authors. Keep up the great work cant wait to read you new series next.

  14. Just finished Finding Pride and I need the next one. Can’t wait to get it!!! I love your books and the website would not accept my email address. Help Please!!!

  15. Kayla Bartley says:

    Hello!! I just finished reading Secret Pleasures and I would love a copy of Serving Pride so I can start this new series! I can’t figure out how to submit my e-mail address for the newsletter to receive this book! When I hit submit, it doesn’t do anything! What should I do?

    Thank you!

  16. donna shuler says:

    I signed up for your Newsletter and have had a problem with the free download. I really enjoyed reading your wonderful,sensually charged story. Will continual the entire Pride series.

  17. Hi, I’ve tried several times to sign-up for your newsletter but have had no success… help! Thanks! 🙂

  18. hi jill! im having trouble with the free download and im eager to get caught back up in the woderful world that is the pride series! please help! im bursting with anticipation 🙂 tamika

  19. First read your Secret Seduction book last week. Have just downloaded my fifth of your books. Your are a really good writer and am enjoying them immensely. Keep writing – thank you.

  20. Hi,
    Subscribed to your newsletter but can’t download Serving Pride. Help.

  21. Hi I read your finding pride I really liked it would like yo read next in the series.
    But I can’t. Download the free book.would love to read the rest

  22. Margaret IDDON says:

    Hi is the free offer of Setving Pride no longer available. Have only just finished one of your books and loved it but the page for the free book won’t load.

  23. I entered my email address to sign up and receive the book, but got an error message that the page does not exist. I noticed a number of people let you know about the problems here and you straightened it out. Please add me to your mailing list. I am really enjoying your work!

  24. I’ve read the Pride series and loved it. Signed up for newsletter but couldn’t get Serving Pride. Can I purchase it somewhere?

  25. Loved your book. Signed up for newsletter but was unable to download the “free” book.

  26. Hi Jill, I signed up for your newsletter but not sure how to download the free copy of Serving Pride. i really enjoyed the first book

  27. I just signed up for or news letter an I’m not sure how I get the free download of serving pride

  28. I loved pride would love to read more of you’re books

  29. Angelika Carter says:

    Hi Jill
    Loved your book Pride and joined the newsletter but could not get the free copy of serving pride can you help please

  30. Maria Herron says:

    I have signed up to your website but books are not free on kindle

    • Jill Sanders says:

      Hi Maria,

      You will need to download Serving Pride from the link provided after you signed up. If you didn’t get it, email me directly at [email protected] and I will forward a copy to you. Thanks, Jill

  31. I just finished book 1 in pride series. Downloading book two, I signed up for your newsletter but was not able to get Serving Pride to download to my kindle. Can you direct me on what to do? I know your busy, no hurry OCD, LOL and like to read in order. Thanks again for a great story and am so looking forward to the rest of the series. I feel am read vested in the siblings and the town of Pride.

  32. Marcy Collins says:

    Hi! I just signed up for your newsletter and when I tried to download Serving Pride to my iPad it failed. I have the Kindle app on the iPad. I also left a review for Discovering Pride on I love this series and will read the others!

    • Jill Sanders says:

      Hi Marcy,

      I will email you the file. Thanks for the review. I’m so happy you are enjoying my books.

  33. Teresa Fox says:

    As many others have requested, I would like to know how to put your free book on my kindle. I did register my email for your newsletter. Really enjoyed your other book. Keep them coming. Thanks so much


  34. Read finding pride. Signed up for newsletter. Downloaded serving pride (all 3 formats) but can’t find them on my Kindle.

  35. Hello,
    Seems I am also having trouble I joined your website a week or two ago and was unable to download it successfully. Can you please verify I signed up for your newsletter. I was hoping if it was possible to get the iBooks version.

  36. I just finished reading the prequel #5. Have finished the four others and loved them all. I am getting ready to download #6 but would love the #5 that was promised when I signed up for the newsletter. Haven’t been able to download onto my Kindle. Can you check to see if my request went through. I like to read in order and would like to read #5 prior to reading #6. Thank you.

  37. Carla Wagner says:

    I was unable to download Serving Pride to my Kindle. Is there any way you could help me out?
    Thanks, Carla

  38. Have read loving lauren and finding pride. Love them both.

  39. Is the free book still available

  40. Debra Stolhand says:

    My download didn’t go can u tell me how to get it,debra

  41. Please email the link of serving Pride can not wait to start reading it tonight. THANK YOU

  42. Jill I would like to download your books on my tablet not my phone. I’ve signed up for newsletter.could you email it to me. I use epub. Thanks Judy

  43. Just subscribe

  44. I tried to subscribe and when I entered email it put up a mumbled letters that looked like coding.mis that normal?

  45. (Surely my audience is over at Google Play;
    that’s why they’re not buying the books via Amazon).

  46. Tried to sign up for newsletter but it doesn’t seem to accept my request

  47. I’m unable to sign up

  48. Got it, this book sounds amazing !

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