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June 8, 2013 ~

Now enjoy an excerpt from the latest in Sarah-Jan Lehoux’s exciting series.

Excerpt from Masquerade the third book in the Sevy Series:

Two hours later, after vomiting every last bit of himself over the side of the boat they borrowed from a fisherman, Conny had fallen into a fretful sleep, while Yy’voura chattered away without so much as pausing to take a breath. Sevy had tried to block her out, but the girl was like an insect, buzzing and circling without landing until one was forced to take a swat at it. Sevy somehow found herself adding an “Oh,” or a “You don’t say,” to Yy’voura’s ramblings. She now knew all about Yy’voura’s wander, about how she had come to the island, and how she acquired her two loyal followers.
“I met Conny first,” she said, fondly patting his head and gazing down at him. Sevy knew that look. The girl was in love. With a human. Oh, she could just imagine the conniption Yy’voury would throw once she found out. “It took him forever and a day to warm up to me. I think I’m the first dark elf of his acquaintance, so it’s no wonder he was a bit shy, but I wore him down eventually.” I’ll bet, Sevy thought, and looked up just in time to catch the knowing grin on Kirydan’s face. She bit her lip to keep from smiling back at him.
“We met Kirydan while we were exploring the interior of the island. There’s a volcano there, you know, though it hasn’t erupted in ages. I’m hoping it does at least once before I leave.”
“You want it to erupt? Are you mad?”
“Well, not erupt erupt. Not so much that it would hurt anybody. Just a little tiny spuddle would be enough for me. Just so I could say I’ve seen one. My little father saw one before, you know, and he told me it was just about the most magnificent spectacle he’d ever seen.”
“By little father, you mean…”
“Revik, of course. I call him that out of habit, I suppose, from listening to Mother call him ‘little husband’. Because he’s her last husband and so much younger than her, you see.”

“Do you have a husband, Sevy?” Kirydan asked, speaking up for the first time in an hour. He was the one who convinced the fisherman to lend them a boat, and he was the one who had done the bulk of the rowing. He pointed out the sand beds and the reefs, and explained which currents were likely to have taken Revik off course. She should have been grateful for his help, but at that particular moment, Sevy could only scowl at him. He was undaunted. “Boyfriend then?”
“Uh oh,” Yy’voura smothered a laugh behind her hand, “watch out. Looks like you’ve got a new admirer.”
A normal man, seeing the look of loathing on Sevy’s face, would have beat a hasty retreat and concocted something to salvage his pride. Kirydan, as Sevy was quickly discovering, was far from normal. “Do you blame me? She’s quite lovely.”
“All right, that’s enough. Shut up and row. And you,” she pointed at Yy’voura, “why don’t you give your jaw a rest for a while too?”
Sevy did not miss the fact that Yy’voura rolled her eyes at her, but chose to ignore it. What was the girl thinking? Her father may well be dead, and all she could do was smile and gossip and act as though this was some grand adventure. She clearly had not inherited either of her parents’ common sense. Even Revik, though notorious for his penchant for whimsy, knew when a situation was beyond humor.
Utterly useless little dip.
To keep from knocking some respect into the girl, Sevy fingered her necklace and stared at the distant shore, searching the beach for signs of life. Farther west, she saw remote blurs which Kirydan told her were tidal islands and cays, connected to Gre by an arch of black reef that intermittently jutted out of the water. It was the perfect place for a lifeboat navigated by a terrified crew to run aground and it was far enough away from the populated section of Gre to account for the length of time that had passed without news.
She craned her neck towards those cays and damned the night and the distance that kept what they knew of Revik from her.
“Row faster,” she said as she turned to Kirydan. She cocked her head back when she saw that he had been watching her, keenly observing her every move and expression. He smiled, his teeth glowing shark white in the moonlight. She narrowed her eyes. “I want to go to the farthest cay and work our way inward.”
“No, I think that’s enough for tonight.” He stopped rowing, letting them drift while he rested his arms against the oars and stretched out his legs. She was not naïve enough to believe it was an accident when his calf rubbed against hers.
“I’ll say when it’s enough. And it’ll be enough when we find him.”
“But I’m tired.”
“Poor thing! He needs to rest. Can’t you see that?”
“Then move over and let me row.”
He didn’t budge. Instead, he picked up the oars again, and turned the boat back towards the village, whistling all the while.
“You dumb bastard, move over!”
“No. Now sit your pretty little self back down and relax. I’ll take care of everything. Don’t you worry.”
“Yes, don’t worry. Everything is fine,” Yy’voura said, nodding. Sevy’s eyebrows shot up, incredulous at the grin on the girl’s face. It was easy and simple, completely without a care in the world. Yy’voura hummed along with Kirydan’s whistling, and ran her hand across Conny’s brow, looking for all the world as if they were on a pleasurable little excursion.
“What is wrong with you two? Have you lost your minds? Revik could be dead, for Annu’s sake!”
“He’s a big man, yeah?” Kirydan asked.
“Big enough, I suppose,” Yy’voura answered.
“Give me those!”
He pried Sevy’s hands off the oars. “Don’t be so grabby. He strong?”
“Oh, very. Even with just one arm. Even Mother will admit to that, though she tries very hard to deny it.”
“And you saw him get onto a boat?”
Sevy stared at him in disgust, pursed her lips, and nodded once.
“Then he’s fine.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Sure, I do. A guy like him, what’s more likely? After having enough wits and strength about him to survive the attack, he what? Went and got himself killed in a lifeboat? I think he made it to shore and found some sweet island honey to burn off some energy with.”
Sevy wheezed out a laugh. “We were almost torn to pieces and you think sex is the first thing on his mind?”
“Well, I wouldn’t put it past him,” Yy’voura, apparently quite good at playing the devil’s advocate, said. “And having a near death experience does leave one in need of some sort of release.”
“Revik wouldn’t do that. He’d be trying to find his way back to me, to make sure I’m all right.”
Now it was Kirydan’s turn to laugh. “Or so you’d like to believe.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“Here’s how I see it. You’re not really worried about Revik. You know he’s fine. I can tell by the look in your eyes.”
“You don’t even know me.”
“Yes, I do. Revik isn’t dead. If you honestly thought he was, you would be a right mess, wouldn’t you? Curled up in a corner somewhere, bawling your brains out. Him being dead isn’t what you’re so scared of. You’re scared he’s left you behind. That he’s abandoned you. Because he’s your link, isn’t he? To the rest of the world. Without him, you’d have nothing.”
She gaped at him, feeling the blush spread swiftly over her face. She wanted to say, “How dare you?” She wanted to scream, and claw his smirking lips right off of his mouth. Then she felt light headed again, as if her thoughts, her feelings, her everything was being pulled. Pulled out of her and into him. It left her breathless, unable to do anything other than hold herself upright, unable to think anything other than how foolish she was for doubting him.
“He’s fine. So relax. We’ll wait for him in the village. He’ll show up eventually. It will all be all right.”
How was he so sure? Why did she long to believe him? Why was her head so heavy?
By the time she had regained her composure, they had nearly made it back to port. Skiffs full of wreckers passed them, their decks loaded with goods they had stripped from the DuValvis Bauw. They had nasty eyes about them, but Kirydan greeted them, voice assured and amiable. It seemed as though they were acquainted, which made sense considering how small the island was, she supposed.
“Ask them about Revik,” she said in a tiny voice, mystified by how pleading and feeble she sounded. Stranger still was how indebted she felt when he conceded to do as she requested. He really was such a kind young man, wasn’t he?
As Kirydan and the wreckers talked, Sevy threaded her fingers together and clicked her thumb nails against each other, like a bashful child. The wreckers had no information on the missing boat, and though they did mention they had found the remains of several dark elves on board, Sevy could not bring herself to question them more. Yy’voura took the opportunity to ask them to describe the carnage they had found. She groaned and giggled at each new detail, as though she were listening to a horror story told round a campfire.
Sevy held back a shudder at the memory once again, that feeling of helplessness, of wanting to die. If only she had kept her wits about her. Maybe she and Revik could have escaped sooner, stayed together. All of this could have been avoided if only she hadn’t behaved like such a pathetic sop.
Kirydan patted her knee and said, “It wasn’t your fault. Most everyone has the same reaction to them. It’s the scent of the other side. Lingers on them when they come over.”
“How would you know?” Her question came out more sincerely interested than the sarcasm she had meant. She coughed and cleared her throat.
“Kirydan knows all about fairies. He’s a real expert. He’s taught me so much about them since I’ve met him. Haven’t you? For a human, it’s very impressive. He knows things even a Barren Mage doesn’t. And Mother thought this wander would be a waste of time. Just think of the education I’ve received.”
Yeah, I’ll bet. Sevy eyed him, wondering what Revik would think about this shady character hanging around his obviously impressionable daughter. Shady? Was he shady? Now why would she think that after he had been so good to her all this time?
“It’s not like that,” he replied, once again knowing exactly what she was thinking. She wondered when she had lost the ability to mask her emotions. Something was very wrong here.
“Not that I haven’t tried of course,” he continued. “But, sadly and inexplicably, she only has eyes for Conny.”
“Shhh, Kirydan! He might hear you!”
Giggles upon giggles. Sevy felt like gagging. She ignored their banter, and stared out at the horizon. The moon hovered over the sea, forming a golden-white path along the water. A full day hadn’t even passed, but it seemed like a multitude of lifetimes.
Where are you, Revik?
She felt so small, so tired. Kirydan had been right. She needed Revik. He was her only friend. The only one who stood by her, who didn’t desert her when she revealed her true colours. The only one she could trust to accept her for who she was. She wanted to cry, and just the sensation of her throat tightening and eyes watering made her hate herself. When had she gotten so weak? When had she ever been so close to giving up?
She thought of Jarro then. Of the days she spent near comatose in his death bed, drinking and crying and wasting away. And the years of pain that followed, the mistakes she made. She tried to focus on what she knew to be true. She wasn’t alone. Jarro was still loving her, waiting for her in the next life, and in the meantime, she had Revik. Revik would never leave her. She was not alone.
But one thread of thought wormed itself through her mind: You’re bad. You’re worthless. No one loves you. No one wants you. You deserve to be alone.
She couldn’t stop. The words were a chant, an incantation, transforming her deepest fears into reality. No one loved her. How could they? She was a monster, just as much as those things on the DuValvis were. She was a horrible, horrible person. She thought she had changed, that she had repented, but it was all lies.
Evil. Bad. Alone. Alone. Alone!
She clasped her head in her hands and moaned. And when Kirydan wrapped his arms around her, she gasped. It felt like the only touch she had ever received, the only bit of kindness she had ever been shown in her miserable life. She melted into his embrace.
“Don’t worry. I’m here,” he whispered and she choked with what felt like relief.
Sevy looked up into his eyes and her pulse rabbited, seemingly screaming for her to run, run, run. Something within was begging her to stop, to look away, to get away from him, but it was being smothered by a warm, comforting voice. His voice. Telling her she was safe now that he had found her. He would take care of her. Everything would be all right. Revik’s betrayal didn’t matter. Not now that he was here.
She smiled.


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