Jill Sanders - Never Again

Never Again

It's been three years since she'd step foot in Haven Montana. If it was up to her, she'd never step foot in town again. But something ate at her. She had to make amends. All those years of lying, cheating, and yes, the families she'd destroyed. If she was going to have any chance at happiness, true happiness, she needed to make amends. Or so her counselor had said. But walking back into her small hometown was something she feared. Feared for one reason alone. Falling back into her old ways.

Seeing Darla drive back into town took a toll on Dale. After all, he'd arrested her more than a dozen times in the past years. The woman was a thorn in his side most of his early law career. Determined to keep an eye on her, since he knew it was only a matter of time before she stirred up trouble. He hadn't expected for her to change so much and that she'd be the one in danger. 

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