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Christmas Wish - November 24th

Laura's been down on her luck with love, starting with Simon Berg. After the man of her fantasies ended up leaving her shattered years ago, she determined to never let anyone get close to her again. She would have succeeded if Simon hadn't waltzed back into her a month before Christmas.

Leaving Laura had been the hardest thing Simon had ever had to do, but it had been the only way to save her from the hell that was surrounding him. But now that he's made a name for himself and escaped the horrors of his past, he can finally focus on winning back the only woman he has ever loved. 

Coming 1/5/2021

Coming from the insanely successful Jordan Clan, Conner has always struggled with knowing exactly what he wanted to do in life. But after rescuing the sexy newcomer, suddenly he knows exactly what he wants in his future.

Coming 2/16/2021

Rose jumps at the chance of opening her own architect firm in the only town she's ever been dreamed of living in. This could be her chance at happiness, until she realizes that the Jordan's have put Jacob in charge of the project. Why was it the man infuriated her? It couldn't be the fact that she's been secretly crushing on him all her life.

Someone to Love - 3/16/2021

Robin is far too engrossed in running her business to have time for men. She made her living off other people's happy-ever-after's, that didn't mean she believed in them for herself. But after bumping into the sexy man that had her knees failing, she figured she'd have a good time and enjoy herself. She hadn't planned on the relationship jeopardizing everything she held dear.

George is a love-em and leave-em kind of guy. Sure, most of the Jordan men were, but now-a-days, all of his cousins were getting hitched. So, when the pretty wedding coordinator caught his eye, he figured he'd enjoy a quick tryst. He hadn't counted on her being the one.

Raven Falls - Coming 4/6/2021

Ten years ago, everything was taken away from Raven. When the fire swept through her small hometown, it killed everything that she cared about. Not only had she lost her mother and father, she'd lost the one chance she had at true love. Coming home meant dealing with demons, and the worst one was the sexy fire marshal who was hell bent on getting answers about that night long ago that only she could give.
Cade had been one of the few to stick around Cannon Falls after ninety percent of the town had gone up in smoke. The fire hadn't just taken most of the buildings in town but over thirty of the one thousand residence had perished, including his younger brother Reggie. Cade doesn't know why his brother's school sweetheart is back to town, but he's having a hell of a time separating his desires from his determination to finally get some answers.

Second Chanes - 5/18/2021

In life, everyone deserves a second chance at love. Expeically single mother Olivia.
She's sworn off men for good... until she bumps into Todd.

The Hard Way - 7/13/2021

Brent is back in Haven and it's high-time he owned up to all his mistakes.
Espeically if he's going to get the small town to trust him and his new business.

Summer Wish - 8/24/2021

They come from two different worlds... 

Twisted Rock Audiobook is now available!

Twisted Rock is now available in audiobook! This book has two amazing narrators, Roy Samuelson and Mary Lynn Bowen bringing Rose and Sawyer alive for you to enjoy!