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Jill Sanders Romance

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Eve and Dylan team up to save Candlewood Inn from ruin...

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Jill Sanders Romance

He'll have to fight to keep the woman he loves safe while he wins her love all over again.

Finding Love

Coming 02/28/2023

Jill Sanders Romance

Brook Masters has always known what she wanted. To follow in her father's footsteps and be in the coastguard. But being daddy's little girl has a few drawbacks. Especially when you live in a small town where everyone knows you.

James Ryder is a wanderer. A beach bum. A man with only a dog and an old travel van to his name. He likes it like that. Until fate would have him quite literally falling at the feet of the most beautiful soul he'd ever met. 

Day Break

Coming 04/04/2023

Jill Sanders Romance

After spending the last year of her life behind bars for a crime she didn't commit, Chloe is now free. Free and divorced, jobless, homeless, and completely alone in the world. If not for the kindness of a stray dog, she would have just laid down and let the world take the rest of what she was. That dog not only showed her kindness, but led her to a stranger who started opening her eyes to other good in the world. That is until the tender-hearted man's grandson steps into the picture and suddenly, her past isn't looking so terrible.

Lane Robinson came from a very long line of blue blooded stuck-up, rich asshats. Everyone except for his grandfather, who is a recently reformed asshat. Since the rest of the family has now disowned the ailing man, Lane steps in and does what he can. Until a strange woman shows up and claims she's his grandfather's caretaker. Trust was something the Robinson's didn't do easily. Especially after finding out just who the woman is and her dark and dangerous past. 

Maggie's Match

Coming 5/23/2023

Jill Sanders Romance

Margaret Jackson has had enough of Ricky's games. The boy has been leading her on since they were in diapers. It was past time she set out on her own and discovered just who she was outside of the small town of Fairplay, Texas.

The last thing Rick had expected was to bump into Maggie at one of the worst times and places in his life. Hell, he'd lost his heart to the girl before he even knew how to spell his name. Problem was, he hadn't known it until he'd heard she'd left Fairplay. By then, he figured he'd lost his chance. But now, bumping into her now, here, maybe just maybe this was the right time to show her what he could be and what she meant to him. 

Summer Ride

Coming 7/4/2023

Jill Sanders Romance

Carter is a player. Then again, so is Kara. They've been dancing around each other for six long years. Sure, there were a few heated passionate nights together at first. But then she pulled away and well… he let her. But his heart kept being pulled back to her and it was driving him nuts.

Kara's past has finally caught up with her. She'd been hiding from the pain, the lies, and the law. She'd gone unnoticed all these years by working in dark rooms, using the one gift she had. Being a massage therapist was all she knew. That and the friendships she'd built at the swanky adult summer camp. Would those friendships last once they knew who she really was? What she was?