Jill Sanders - Searching For Love

Searching for Love

Avery has always been the go-to person in her hometown, the one who can fix anything and everything. But when Lucas comes to town for his cousin's wedding, she realizes that there's something missing in her life. Lucas is everything she's ever wanted in a man: charming, passionate, and adventurous. As they spend more time together, Avery begins to wonder if she's been missing out on true love all along.

Lucas has left his old life behind to start anew, and Avery is just the woman to make it all worthwhile. But as they navigate their budding romance, they'll both have to confront the demons of their pasts. Will Avery be able to let go of her need to fix everything and let Lucas into her heart? Can Lucas convince her that he's worth taking a chance on? Find out in this heartwarming romance about two people who discover that love is the ultimate fixer-upper.

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