Jill Sanders - Sunset Dreams

Sunset Dreams

Clara Cruz has spent the last five years on the run. Most of the time she’s been hiding in plain sight, blending into the background as to not cause unwanted attention. Being invisible is necessary if she wants to survive, however the loneliness and isolation have proven more difficult than anticipated. Successful thus far, everything changes abruptly when she finds herself running straight into the arms of the man sent to find her.
Given that Reagan Grayton has spent most of his childhood hiding from a crazy cult-leading biological grandfather, it was only natural that he’d end up in a career searching for missing people. However, with his latest case, things just aren’t adding up. A pretty brunette heiress who’s been accused of murder? Trouble is, she just doesn’t seem like the murdering type. As things take a bizarre turn, he finds himself caught up in a sinister plot. He may have found his missing person, but now he’ll be lucky to escape with his life. 

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