Jill Sanders - The Void

The Void

Mia has always been aware of the things that lurk in the darkness. The weight of her family's age-old obligations as molded her entire life. Now, she’s trapped in a lost world and confronted by the very things that terrify most people. This time, however, things have changed. The balance has shifted, and if she can’t break free, she just might find herself consumed by the darkness.

Lucas has returned to the Void to save Mia, but without his own special abilities, he's powerless to help her. The journey to reach her is treacherous, but it's nothing compared to the fight they have ahead. As they ready for the coming battle to fight evil, they must confront not only the darkness that threatens to destroy this realm but also the feelings that are growing between them.

Can Lucas find a way to save Mia before the darkness destroys her world? And will their love be enough to overcome the challenges they face? 

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