Jill Sanders - Secret Charm

Secret Charm

You'd think that being forced to move to paradise would be, well, heaven. But for Nicky, it means sudden doom to her career and lifelong dreams of becoming an investigative journalist. After all, nothing exciting ever happened on a small island. The only perk to the job was having to work side by side with her new scuba instructor, the charming and extremely hunky Beau.

Beau has only ever wanted to be in one place his entire life. The Hawaiian Islands are the most beautiful place on Earth, and trust him, he'd been to enough places to make that determination. When he's hired to train and oversee Nicky's crew, he thinks it's just another job. But then the bullets start flying and the training that he'd gained in his years in Special Forces IS the only thing that could save the pair of them. That and his knowledge of his beautiful home.